Why become a Prentice Partner

Being a Prentice Partner is a little like being a member of a yacht club.  As a member you are responsible for your own yacht, its seaworthiness, where it sails, which races you choose to compete in and which you choose not to.  Your club however provides frameworks and guidelines for you to sail with others.  It represents your interests to other organisations, it provides services that enable you to compete more effectively and efficiently.  In a club you are an independent member and part of the team, so although you might sail by yourself, help is never far away.  


This is similar to the mission behind Prentice Partners, helping experienced professional recruiters work independently with the resources of a tier one firm.  As a Prentice Partner you are responsible for building and managing your own client base, sourcing candidates and making placements.  Prentice Partners is responsible for nearly everything else you need to be successful.  The services Prentice Partners provide would involve long term binding contracts and could cost thousands per month if you were working on your own, however Prentice Partners delivers these services for $295 (+gst) per month ($9.83 per day) without any long-term commitment or capital investment.  However if you bill over $20,000 in permanent fees and/or contractor net margin in any given month your next months partner fee is waived.  For details of the partner services select Partner Business.



Prentice Partners pays 80% commission on the first $200,000 of permanent placement fees and/or contractor net margin per year, 93% commission on the next $200,000 and then 97% on any fees thereafter.  Permanent commissions are paid in full upon client payment.  Receive all contractor commissions weekly, while your contractors are fully funded and managed.  We even do all the contractor paperwork and get it signed so you can get on with the next placement.  It's a simple system that works and our partners love it!


More things you will like about being a Prentice Partner

  • Your professional indemnity and public liability insurance is included in our partner services
  • Two or more partners can pool together, share commissions and a slightly higher partner service fee.  This helps partners wanting to work part-time and helps existing teams stay together
  • Partners can co-operate and negotiate split fees with each other
  • Business Affairs Administration - have your clients, candidates and placements managed while you're on holidays
  • No partner fees if you bill over $20,000 per month


For more information on the services Prentice Partners delivers to partners select Partner Business.


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