Prentice Partners Workplace

Your choice about nearly everything you do.  There are concise transparent processes, simple frameworks and useful guidelines that ensure consistent high quality outcomes for clients, candidates and recruiters.  However, exactly how you apply these is largely up to you.


Your choice evolves around important issues like:

  • where you physically work from, it could be from our prestige offices, your home or somewhere else
  • when you work is completely up to you to manage with your clients and candidates
  • how many hours you work in any given day, week or month
  • on which market segments you choose to focus
  • with which clients or candidates you choose to work
  • the fees invoiced and guarantees provided to your clients (yes, they are always your clients)
  • how you conduct interviews, in-person at the office, somewhere else or via our remote video interview technology


Working with Prentice Partners is like running an independent recruitment practice within a fully supported corporate environment.  If this sounds like how you might like to manage your career and lifestyle select Why Prentice Partners for more details.

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